Ignorance and Look


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Ignorance noun – The state of being unaware or uninformed.
Look is an antonym for ignorance.
Nearby Words: ignore, ignorant, ignored, ignoring
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Look noun – Facial appearance regarded as an indication of mood or feeling.
Ignorance is an antonym for look in topics: characteristic, visual examination.
Nearby Words: lookout, looked, looker, looking, lookup
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Similar words of ignorance
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Similar words of look
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How words are described

human human ignorance human look
usual usual ignorance usual look
certain certain ignorance certain look
standard standard ignorance standard look
Other adjectives: innocent, general.

Both words in one sentence

  • Panthera Awesome Empowered has Ocelotina who is supposed to look like an Ocelot, but because of some in universe ignorance looks more like a black panther.
  • Artistic License – Paleontology So far, so good; the sauropods look ridiculous and should not be munching water weeds in a swamp, but that can be put down to a combination of 1960's paleontological ignorance and artistic license.
  • Due to not knowing how deep the conspiracy went, and wanting to maintain a facade of ignorance, she and her partner planted the mobile phone to make the shooting look like an accident.
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