Ignore and Learn


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Ignore verb – To fail to give proper attention to.
Learn is an antonym for ignore.
Nearby Words: ignorance, ignoring
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Learn verb – To acquire complete knowledge, understanding, or skill in.
Usage example: after months of trying, he finally learned the dance steps

Ignore is an antonym for learn in topics: discover, acquire information.
Nearby Words: learned, learning, learner, learnedly, learnt
Antonyms for Learn
Similar words of ignore
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Similar words of learn
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Common collocations

ability ignore ability learn ability
attack ignore attack learn attack
time ignore time learn time
way ignore way learn way
Other nouns: game, story, details, rules, attacks.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Pinky and the Brain Aesop Amnesia: A lot of Brain's plans might have succeeded if he could learn to ignore Pinky's stupidity instead of getting angry about it.
  • They can also gain movement point bonuses, learn to ignore difficult terrain for fast travel, or learn to move after attacking.
  • Bedside alarms are so pervasive in the hospital that the people working there learn to largely ignore them.
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