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Illegal adjective – Contrary to or forbidden by law.
Usage example: it is illegal to import those birds into this country

Unsanctioned is a synonym for illegal in unlicensed topic. In some cases you can use "Unsanctioned" instead an adjective "Illegal", when it comes to topics like unapproved, unauthorised.
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Unsanctioned adjective – Without explicit official permission.
Illegal is a synonym for unsanctioned in permitted topic. You can use "Illegal" instead an adjective "Unsanctioned", if it concerns topics such as unapproved, unauthorised, not legal.
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  • Opposing Sports Team Zoids: New Century has the Backdraft Group, an illegal organisation which subverts the "noble" sport of Zoids battles and forces the hero team into unsanctioned battles.
  • Manga / Attack on Titan: Junior High The Survey Corps, meanwhile, is an unofficial club (more like an unsanctioned boyscouts) because of their Titan-fighting purpose (which is considered illegal in the school but free during holidays), but still has Erwin backing them up.
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