Illusion and Reality


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Illusion noun – A conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality.
Usage example: the magician specializes in creating illusions, so that people believe they have seen something when they really haven't

Reality is an antonym for illusion in topics: false impression, false belief.
Nearby Words: illusory, illusive, illusionist, illusively
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Reality noun – Something that actually exists.
Usage example: the ambition to make his dreams a reality

Illusion is an antonym for reality in dream topic.
Nearby Words: realize, real, realise, realistic, realization
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Similar words of illusion
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Similar words of reality
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How words are described

common common illusion common reality
perfect perfect illusion perfect reality
fake fake illusion fake reality
actual actual illusion actual reality
Other adjectives: entire, real, evil, little, spiritual, new, mundane, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • After being taken to the Doctor's office, he talks about some moral he learned, about reality and illusion.
  • Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion.
  • Superpower Lottery Including abstract ones like life and death, day and night, reality and illusion, and fictional and actual.
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