Immaterial and Physical


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Immaterial adjective – Not composed of matter.
Usage example: it is only possible to study immaterial forces like gravity by observing their effects on the physical world

Physical is an antonym for immaterial in topics: spiritual, irrelevant, not existing in physical form.
Nearby Words: immateriality, immaterially
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Physical adjective – Of or relating to the human body.
Usage example: physical sensations such as heat and pain

Immaterial is an antonym for physical in topics: tangible, concerning the body.
Nearby Words: physic, physique, physics, physician, physically
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Similar words of immaterial
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Similar words of physical
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Things that words describes

force immaterial force physical force
presence immaterial presence physical presence
form immaterial form physical form
world immaterial world physical world
Other nouns: gods, powers, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Starfish Aliens Additionally, the Flood themselves are revealed to be the most recent form of a previous species of Starfish Aliens, the Precursors, who were basically god-like beings that could assume any form they wanted to (both physical and immaterial) and were responsible for seeding life on many galaxies.
  • Clothes Make the Superman Heroes Of Thantopolis Cyrus is given a blue and yellow tunic made by Helene that allows his physical body to interact with the normally immaterial ghost world.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family Inferno, the spirit of Soul Edge, is implicitly an immaterial being with so many teeth they can spill over into the physical realm.
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