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Immaterial adjective – Not composed of matter.
Usage example: it is only possible to study immaterial forces like gravity by observing their effects on the physical world

Psychic and immaterial are semantically related in not existing in physical form topic. In some cases you can use "Psychic" instead an adjective "Immaterial".
Nearby Words: immateriality, immaterially
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Psychic adjective – Affecting or influenced by the human mind.
Immaterial and psychic are semantically related in extrasensory in perception topic. Sometimes you can use "Immaterial" instead an adjective "Psychic".
Nearby Words: psych, psyche, psychotic, psychical, psychically
Synonyms for Psychic

Things that words describes

entity immaterial entity psychic entity
ghost immaterial ghost psychic ghost
presence immaterial presence psychic presence
powers immaterial powers psychic powers
Other nouns: soldiers, beings, phenomena.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Rocket Age However, Rocket Age also includes psychic powers and immaterial beings and offers no real explanation.
  • Whip It Good There's also a Slaaneshi psychic power called the Lash of Submission, which creates an immaterial whip that places the target under the control of the user.
    Source: Whip It Good
  • Our Homunculi Are Different What they DO have are heightened psychic abilities, which starts them with the ability to clairvoyantly spy on distant places, a power that can be also be used their immediate vicinity to make immaterial spirits vulnerable to physical attacks.
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