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Impish adjective – Tending to or exhibiting reckless playfulness.
Usage example: the gang of impish children ran into the street, utterly oblivious to the traffic

Naughty is a synonym for impish in mischievous topic. In some cases you can use "Naughty" instead an adjective "Impish", when it comes to topics like jaunty, disobedient. popular alternative
Nearby Word: impishly
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Naughty adjective – Engaging in or marked by childish misbehavior.
Usage example: told her to act her age and stop throwing temper tantrums like a naughty little girl

Impish is a synonym for naughty in mischievous topic. You can use "Impish" instead an adjective "Naughty", if it concerns topics such as disobedient, jaunty, bad. popular alternative
Nearby Words: naught, naughtiness, naughtily
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Things that words describes

way impish way naughty way
girls impish girls naughty girls

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  • Video Game / AdventureQuest The prefix descriptor of the TwEbil line of guests go from 'Bad' to 'Troublesome' to 'Impish' to 'Wicked' to 'Naughty' to 'Rascally'... but the highest-level variant is TwEbil KinEbil.
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