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Imply verb – To convey an idea indirectly.
Usage example: they may have implied that they'd help, but they didn't actually say so

Suggest is a synonym for imply in insinuate topic. In some cases you can use "Suggest" instead a verb "Imply", when it comes to topics like intimate, speech, suppose, point. popular alternative
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Suggest verb – To convey an idea indirectly.
Usage example: this letter suggests that there's more going on than she's telling us

Imply is a synonym for suggest in insinuate topic. You can use "Imply" instead a verb "Suggest", if it concerns topics such as intimate, suppose, point, assume. popular alternative
Synonyms for Suggest

Common collocations

connection imply connection suggest connection
kind imply kind suggest kind
name imply name suggest name
relationship imply relationship suggest relationship
Other nouns: presence, sort, death, possibility, world, former, latter, existence, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Do not suggest or imply that Orlais isn't a country full of murderous bastards out to destroy everything while Loghain is within earshot.
  • Series / Power Rangers Samurai The citizens and English writing of the town suggest that it is in America, but there are some locations that imply it to be in Japan.
  • Webcomic / Dangerously Chloe The main problem is with Magick Chicks, as some episodes imply DC takes place before Cerise's takeover of Artemis Academy, while other suggest it takes place after this arc.
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