Inaccuracy and Precision


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Inaccuracy noun – An unintentional departure from truth or accuracy.
Usage example: an unfortunate inaccuracy in the report

Precision is an antonym for inaccuracy in accuracy topic.
Nearby Words: inaccurate, inaccurately
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Precision noun – The quality or state of being very accurate.
Usage example: the company that measures TV ratings prides itself on the precision of its calculations

Inaccuracy is an antonym for precision in topics: error, accuracy.
Nearby Words: precise, precisely, precis, precised, precising
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Similar words of precision
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How words are described

similar similar inaccuracy similar precision
usual usual inaccuracy usual precision
extreme extreme inaccuracy extreme precision
great great inaccuracy great precision
Other adjectives: little, scientific, technical, grammatical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / FTL: Faster Than Light Often better than ion weapons at stripping shields, but their inaccuracy leaves them ill-suited for the precision needed for most battles.
  • Useful Notes / Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki British and American leaders had only ever cared about trying to destroy the enemy's war industry, something which was only really possible by burning down the cities in which said industries were based (given near-total inaccuracy of "precision bombing" with the available bombs and bombsights).
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