Inaccurate and Strict


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Inaccurate adjective – Not being in agreement with what is true.
Strict is an antonym for inaccurate.
Nearby Words: inaccuracy, inaccurately
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Strict adjective – Following an original exactly.
Usage example: not a strict translation, because a lot of the humor is in the wordplay

Inaccurate is an antonym for strict in topics: accurate, authoritarian.
Nearby Words: strictly, strictness
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Things that words describes

system inaccurate system strict system
time inaccurate time strict time
version inaccurate version strict version
ways inaccurate ways strict ways

Both words in one sentence

  • Several extinct animals are also inaccurate in terms of behavior and/or appearance (the likely herbivorous oviraptorosaur Protarchaeopteryx is portrayed as a strict carnivore).
  • Disney / The Hunchback of Notre Dame Therefore both of their views are very inaccurate... and this is the reason why she was drawn to Phoebus: because he saw Esmeralda's true personality and went beyond these strict definitions.
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