Incident and Occurrence


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Incident noun – Something that happens.
Usage example: the odd little incident was reported in the local paper

Occurrence is a synonym for incident in event topic. In some cases you can use "Occurrence" instead a noun "Incident", when it comes to topics like happening, matter, affair, occasion. popular alternative
Nearby Words: incidental, incidence, incidentally
Synonyms for Incident


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Occurrence noun – Something that happens.
Usage example: life is full of random occurrences

Incident is a synonym for occurrence in event topic. You can use "Incident" instead a noun "Occurrence", if it concerns topics such as happening, matter, affair, occasion. popular alternative
Nearby Words: occur, occurring, occurence
Synonyms for Occurrence

How words are described

notable notable incident notable occurrence
particular particular incident particular occurrence
similar similar incident similar occurrence
specific specific incident specific occurrence
Other adjectives: certain, single, actual, real, serious, unfortunate, infamous, tragic, amusing, famous, major, minor, unusual, strange, bizarre, last, freak, recent, previous, magical, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • The hummingbird incident was only reported once, but cases of cats and kittens dying of malnutrition on vegan diets are a regular occurrence.
  • Anime / Ghost Sweeper Mikami Out with a Bang: After the Mephistopheles incident, Ashtaroth decided to prevent a repeat occurrence by installing several failsafes in his later created servants that would kill them if they took any similar steps.
  • A minor incident occurs on planet Margrave when a car is eaten by a large bird-creature, the last occurrence worthy of telling a story about in Known Space.
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