Indeed and Positively


Indeed adverb - Not merely this but also.
Usage example: that is not merely a reason, but is indeed the entire point
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Synonyms for Indeed

Positively is a synonym for indeed in fact topic. In some cases you can use "Positively" instead an adverb "Indeed", when it comes to topics like really, actually, real, certainly.


Positively adverb - In an approving manner.

Indeed is a synonym for positively in fact topic. You can use "Indeed" instead an adverb "Positively", if it concerns topics such as really, real.

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Both words in one sentence

  • Considering that some end-game zones are positively overrun with Goddamned Bats, this is most welcome indeed.
  • Indeed, when it came to classic vaudeville numbers, they were positively enthusiastic and would even sing along, and rarely had anything negative to say about the guest stars.
  • Indeed, the only possible negative note is that Ron and Hermione do not come off well in this fic — its hardly Ron the Death Eater territory, but Ron gets to be the clueless git again, and Hermione has her bossy know-it-all tendencies taken to positively Flanderized levels.
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