Indistinct and Vague


Indistinct adjective - Not seen or understood clearly.
Usage example: managed to discern a blurry, indistinct shadow through the downpour

Vague is a synonym for indistinct in unclear topic. In some cases you can use "Vague" instead an adjective "Indistinct", when it comes to topics like quality, clear, obscure, cloudy. popular alternative


Vague adjective - Not expressed in precise terms.
Usage example: gave as vague a reply as he could, hoping not to give away the surprise

Indistinct is a synonym for vague in quality topic. You can use "Indistinct" instead an adjective "Vague", if it concerns topics such as clear, unclear, cloudy, equivocal. popular alternative

Nearby Words: vagueness, vaguely

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Martha Marcy May Marlene However, in keeping with the film's Through the Eyes of Madness-approach, the film's account of her time with the cult is rather vague and indistinct.
  • Even things that are less than a foot away from your face come across as vague, indistinct blurs.
    Source: See Water
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