Ineffective and Unable


Ineffective adjective - Lacking in power or forcefulness.

Unable is a synonym for ineffective in useless topic. In some cases you can use "Unable" instead an adjective "Ineffective", when it comes to topics like powerless. popular alternative


Unable adjective - Lacking qualities (as knowledge, skill, or ability) required to do a job.
Usage example: a celebrated author of serious plays, he turned out to be a particularly unable writer of comedies

Ineffective is a synonym for unable in powerless topic. You can use "Ineffective" instead an adjective "Unable". popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • The Tennysons are in the area, but are unable to stop it immediately due to the usual aliens proving ineffective.
  • Early remarks in the rules regarding lasers being abandoned by the military as ineffective against armor were later justified in that, versus military grade metal armor, standard vehicle mounted lasers are useless - being unable to penetrate a typical tank even after several maximum damage hits.
  • It's entirely possible to walk into the third boss with little ammo, ineffective weapons, and if you make a certain story decision being unable to use any augments and having an Interface Screw on top of that.
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