Ineptitude and Talent


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Ineptitude noun – The lack of sufficient ability, power, or means.
Usage example: the nurse's ineptitude made it clear that she would be happier in a different line of work

Talent is an antonym for ineptitude.
Nearby Word: inept
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Talent noun – A special and usually inborn ability.
Ineptitude is an antonym for talent in ability topic.
Nearby Words: talented, talentless
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  • Straw Loser Caliborn from Homestuck, whose hateful and rude personality is contrasted with his total ineptitude and lack of talent.
    Source: Straw Loser
  • Anime / Serial Experiments Lain Ambiguous Disorder: Lain, what with her crippling social ineptitude, stunted emotional reactions, inability to understand interpersonal relationships, extreme adherence to unreasonable habits, obsessive tendencies, and massive talent for mathematics and computers.
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