Inflexible and Rigid


Inflexible adjective - Incapable of or highly resistant to bending.
Usage example: shoes made of inflexible plastic hurt my feet

Rigid is a synonym for inflexible in demanding topic. In some cases you can use "Rigid" instead an adjective "Inflexible", when it comes to topics like resist, unbending, headstrong, hardened. popular alternative


Rigid adjective - Not allowing for any exceptions or loosening of standards.
Usage example: rigid enforcement of drug laws

Inflexible is a synonym for rigid in stiff topic. You can use "Inflexible" instead an adjective "Rigid", if it concerns topics such as strict, behaviour, resolute, determined. popular alternative

Nearby Words: rigor, rigidity, rigidly

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Reds with Rockets aka: Mi G Almost everything is given a definition and structured which may look very rigid and inflexible in Western eyes.
  • The more traditional (especially the ultra well funded prep or snooty Legacy Team that always wins) will have such rigid and inflexible mindsets that the ragtag team keeps catching them by surprise.
  • Chess Motifs He realized that Doom's moves were rigid and inflexible, and in order to defeat him, he used his stretching powers to temporarily create new structures in his own brain, thus expanding his already prodigious intellect.
    Source: Chess Motifs
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