Influence and Weakness


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Influence noun – The power to direct the thinking or behavior of others usually indirectly.
Usage example: a mayor who doesn't hesitate to use her influence to get business leaders behind civic improvements

Weakness is an antonym for influence in power topic.
Nearby Words: influenced, influential, influencing, influent
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Weakness noun – The quality or state of lacking physical strength or vigor.
Influence is an antonym for weakness.
Nearby Words: weak, weaken, weakly, weakening, weakling
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Similar words of weakness
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How words are described

human human influence human weakness
alien alien influence alien weakness
single single influence single weakness
obvious obvious influence obvious weakness
Other adjectives: actual, real, massive, large, big, great, huge, bad, main, personal, major, mental, possible, greater, primary, greatest, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ted swears that he'll be Above The Influence, prompting Robin to laugh and explain just how utterly ruthlessly she will stalk and seduce him and have no qualms about exploiting him the first time she catches him in a moment of weakness.
  • Token Heroic Orc: By facing her fears of fire (and thus her weakness) in an attempt to save David, the corrupting influence of her Epic powers breaks, but she keeps the powers themselves.
  • Iconic Logo: The stylized white spider emblem on its chest and back, which changes in appearance as the symbiote's influence over Peter grows.. Loud of War: Its biggest weakness is high-frequency sounds.
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