Infrequent and Regular


Infrequent adjective - Not often occurring or repeated.
Usage example: a shut-in who made infrequent trips to the store

Regular is an antonym for infrequent in topics: occasional, not happening regularly.

Nearby Word: infrequently


Regular adjective - Appearing or occurring repeatedly from time to time.
Usage example: what with one or another of our pets having problems, we've been regular visitors at the animal hospital

Infrequent is an antonym for regular in topics: normal, orderly.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the first half of the first season Eliot Stabler's four children were regular characters, however after that they became infrequent recurrers showing up about once season.
  • Website / Spider-Man Crawlspace Bertone and Donovan made infrequent guest shots on call-in shows before both were added to the regular panel permanently.
  • One-Hour Work Week Some, like Peggy or Dale, hold part-time or infrequent employment while others like Bill and Nancy work regular full time jobs but still have all the time needed to screw around.
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