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Infrequently adverb – Not often.
Usage example: their grandparents were disappointed that they visited so infrequently

Rarely is a synonym for infrequently in usual topic. In some cases you can use "Rarely" instead an adverb "Infrequently", when it comes to topics like frequency, barely, hardly, seldom. popular alternative
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Rarely adverb – Not often.
Usage example: summer thunderstorms occur only rarely along the Oregon coast

Infrequently is a synonym for rarely in seldom topic. You can use "Infrequently" instead an adverb "Rarely", if it concerns topics such as usual, frequency, barely, hardly. popular alternative
Nearby Words: rare, rarity, rareness
Synonyms for Rarely

Both words in one sentence

  • Random Drop aka: Randomly Drops Said boar is only encountered infrequently, is in the highly-dangerous overworld and even then rarely leaves a skull.
  • So you've got a series or whatever where the characters rarely say anything stronger than "hell" or "damn", or swear in Unusual Euphemisms or Future Slang, or even do swear more strongly but infrequently.
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