Inherently and Naturally


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Inherently adverb – By natural character or ability.
Usage example: the judge's observation that women are not inherently better at parenting than men

Naturally is a synonym for inherently in innately topic. In some cases you can use "Naturally" instead an adverb "Inherently". popular alternative
Nearby Words: inherent, inherence, inherency
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Naturally adverb – In a natural or normal manner.
Inherently is a synonym for naturally in by nature topic. You can use "Inherently" instead an adverb "Naturally". popular alternative
Nearby Words: natural, nature, naturalness, naturalize, naturalistic
Synonyms for Naturally

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  • The constant harping on about men being inherently weaker and inferior to women, an entire gender naturally inclined to slave under the Wyrm, made the book itself quite disliked in its time.
  • Naturally all of these various planes were inherently driven by supernatural laws.
  • Peek-a-Bangs The reason for the concealment is that his eyes are naturally set in a particularly crazed expression at odds with his inherently friendly personality, so he grows his hair out to keep from putting people off.
    Source: Peek-a-Bangs
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