Inhospitable and Unfriendly


Inhospitable adjective - Marked by opposition or ill will.
Usage example: the proposal received an unexpectedly inhospitable response from the city council

Unfriendly is a synonym for inhospitable in hostile topic. In some cases you can use "Unfriendly" instead an adjective "Inhospitable", when it comes to topics like unwelcoming. popular alternative


Unfriendly adjective - Marked by opposition or ill will.
Usage example: an unfriendly nation

Inhospitable is a synonym for unfriendly in nasty topic. You can use "Inhospitable" instead an adjective "Unfriendly", if it concerns topics such as hostile. popular alternative

Nearby Word: unfriendliness

Both words in one sentence

  • The french cartoon The Bear's Island (French: L'Île Aux Ours): takes place in a very unfriendly and inhospitable world that is pretty much at the mercy of the Four Elements, four capricious and petty deities whose whims and attempts to seize more power cause catastrophic damage.
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