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Innate adjective – Being a part of the innermost nature of a person or thing.
Usage example: an innate athletic ability that allowed him to excel at just about any sport he tried his hand at

Natural is a synonym for innate in inborn topic. In some cases you can use "Natural" instead the word "Innate" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like inherited, be. popular alternative
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Natural adjective – Being such from birth or by nature.
Usage example: from his first visits to the wading pool, we could tell that our little boy loved water and was a natural swimmer

Innate is a synonym for natural in normal topic. You can use "Innate" instead an adjective "Natural", if it concerns topics such as inborn, be. popular alternative
Nearby Words: nature, naturally, naturalness, naturalize, naturalise
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Things that words describes

affinity innate affinity natural affinity
ability innate ability natural ability
reaction innate reaction natural reaction
skill innate skill natural skill
Other nouns: talent, energy, power, strength, part, element, gift, immunity, color, resistance, genius, magic, armor, instinct, skills, powers, weapons, abilities, laws, forms, talents.

Both words in one sentence

  • That's just the natural physical capabilities of his race, therefor is 'innate' and not technically a power, thus it is not affected.
    Source: Liquid Assets
  • Invisible Streaker Invisibility as a drug or innate ability may only affect the natural body, leaving clothing and other external objects out of luck.
  • Five Races Their only saving graces are their innate poison resistance and that cannibalism is natural to them.
    Source: Five Races
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