Insight and Stupidity


Insight noun - The ability to understand inner qualities or relationships.
Usage example: a therapist with real insight into people's personalities

Stupidity is an antonym for insight in intuitiveness topic.

Nearby Words: insightful, insider


Stupidity noun - The quality or state of lacking intelligence or quickness of mind.
Usage example: the stupidity of the dialogue between the two romantic leads had movie audiences giggling uncontrollably

Insight is an antonym for stupidity.

Nearby Words: stupid, stupidly

How words are described

good good insight good stupidity
usual usual insight usual stupidity
natural natural insight natural stupidity
genuine genuine insight genuine stupidity
Other adjectives: profound, real, great, little, remarkable, supposed, personal, incredible, tactical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Genius Ditz This is almost assuredly obfuscating stupidity, since she's also a skilled mechanic and expresses pretty deep insight into matters on several occasions.
    Source: Genius Ditz
  • Webcomic / Kagerou Obfuscating Stupidity: Dee's childish quirks mask the true expanse of her insight and power, which are vast.Tcaolin: Little Dee, playing the madwoman and laughing at everyone from behind her veil.
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