Insignificant and Little


Insignificant adjective - Lacking importance.
Usage example: an insignificant detail that we can safely ignore

Little is a synonym for insignificant in amount topic. In some cases you can use "Little" instead an adjective "Insignificant", when it comes to topics like size, big, trivial, few. popular alternative


Little adjective - Lacking importance.
Usage example: there were just a few little details left to take care of

Insignificant is a synonym for little in amount topic. You can use "Insignificant" instead an adjective "Little", if it concerns topics such as unimportant, big, trivial, minor. popular alternative

Nearby Word: littleness

Both words in one sentence

  • Insignificant Little Blue Planet The Chronicles of Narnia: Our entire universe is insignificant and little, compared with all the others in the Wood Between The Worlds.
  • Comic Book / Marvels Lampshade Hanging: When Galactus "visits" a second time, Phil's apathy (he's just sitting there fishing) may reflect just how insignificant and little-known the story was in Real Life.
  • Edward: That's all I've ever been; a tiny, insignificant human, who couldn't even save a little girl.
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