Institute and Institution


Institute noun - A group of persons formally joined together for some common interest.
Usage example: founded an institute to combat the cruel treatment of animals

Institution is a synonym for institute in establishment topic. In some cases you can use "Institution" instead a noun "Institute", when it comes to topics like organization, faculty. popular alternative


Institution noun - A public organization with a particular purpose or function.
Usage example: a charitable institution devoted to raising funds to feed the hungry

Institute is a synonym for institution in establishment topic. You can use "Institute" instead a noun "Institution", if it concerns topics such as organization, faculty. popular alternative

How words are described

public public institute public institution
benevolent benevolent institute benevolent institution
powerful powerful institute powerful institution
actual actual institute actual institution
Other adjectives: entire, private, mental, psychological, former, fictional, totalitarian, educational, said, scientific, secretive, modern, prestigious, oldest.
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