Intellectual and Physical


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Intellectual adjective – Of or relating to the mind.
Usage example: intellectual pursuits such as reading and studying

Physical is an antonym for intellectual in topics: mental, very smart.
Nearby Words: intellect, intellection, intellectuality, intellective, intellectually
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Physical adjective – Of or relating to the human body.
Usage example: physical sensations such as heat and pain

Intellectual is an antonym for physical.
Nearby Words: physic, physique, physics, physician, physically
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Similar words of intellectual
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Similar words of physical
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Things that words describes

activity intellectual activity physical activity
ability intellectual ability physical ability
power intellectual power physical power
beauty intellectual beauty physical beauty
Other nouns: level, maturity, age, prowess, comedy, properties, skills, capabilities, abilities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Super Mario Bros. Separate settings were meant to affect either an organism's physical or intellectual state.
  • Aliens Steal Cable Thus a perpetual drunk living on ethanol and unfit to any intellectual or physical labor does not surprise them too much and they assume the rest of Earthlings are like him.
  • Averted in Elfen Lied, where Silpelit diclonious characters grow to physical and intellectual maturity in half the time of a normal human, but develop emotionally at a normal rate.
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