Intelligent and Thick


Intelligent adjective - Having or showing quickness of mind.
Usage example: his intelligent response to the emergency averted a disaster

Thick is an antonym for intelligent.


Thick adjective - Not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas readily.
Usage example: couldn't believe that his guests were so thick that they were missing his hints that it was time to leave

Intelligent is an antonym for thick in topics: friendly, deep, stupid, crowded, concentrated.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Mother of Demons Starfish Aliens: The native intelligent species are vaguely equivalent to land-dwelling mollusks, using modified "feet" for movement, having thick mantles as "shells" and squid-like faces.
  • Starfish Aliens The native intelligent species of High Desert in Beyond the Veil of Stars are a Hive Mind of sorts; they possess six rodent-like members, and one helpless brain in a thick, rounded skull.
  • Series / Mad About You Ditzy Genius: Murray is indeed a little weird and appears to be a bit thick sometimes, but it's also suggested several times that he is far more intelligent than anyone gives him credit for, sometimes even outsmarting his owners.
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