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Interior noun – An interior or internal part.
Side is an antonym for interior.
Nearby Words: internal, internally
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Side noun – A place, space, or direction away from or beyond a central point or line.
Usage example: will everyone who wants to sign up for volleyball please stand off to this side of the gym?

Interior is an antonym for side in edge topic.
Nearby Words: sided, sideline, sidewards, sideband
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Similar words of interior
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Similar words of side
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How words are described

soft soft interior soft side
entire entire interior entire side
winning winning interior winning side
white white interior white side
Other adjectives: new, vulnerable.

Things that words describes

part interior part side part
style interior style side style
way interior way side way
world interior world side world
Other nouns: rooms, shots, passages, panels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Just Train Wrong This is a side effect of shooting the interior scenes in California's Metrolink cars, while the film itself is set in Chicago.
  • Film / Batman And it was also used when the Joker and Vicki are climbing up the bell-tower's interior: Joker throws one of Vicki's high heels over the side, and we get a shot showing it plummeting down the tower.
    Source: Film / Batman
  • The early cars were also handbuilt and very spartan; there was only one choice of color (red and white), no proper side windows, and interior door handles were an optional extra.
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