Interpretation and Reading


Interpretation noun - A presentation of an artistic work (as a piece of music) from a particular point of view.
Usage example: a sensitive interpretation of a piece that is a touchstone for violinists
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Synonyms for Interpretation

Reading is a synonym for interpretation in understanding topic. In some cases you can use "Reading" instead a noun "Interpretation", when it comes to topics like performance, explanation, recitation, analysis. popular alternative


Reading noun - A presentation of an artistic work (as a piece of music) from a particular point of view.
Usage example: a very bizarre reading of one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies by an alternative theater company
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Synonyms for Reading

Interpretation is a synonym for reading in recitation topic. You can use "Interpretation" instead a noun "Reading", if it concerns topics such as version, performing arts. popular alternative

Nearby Words: read, reader, readable, readout, readability

How words are described

preferred preferred interpretation preferred reading
good good interpretation good reading
clear clear interpretation clear reading
similar similar interpretation similar reading
Other adjectives: usual, common, positive, standard, correct, accurate, obvious, popular, bad, strict, alternative, amusing, interesting, possible, official, different, literal, optimistic, selective.

Both words in one sentence

  • Can't Unhear It Regardless of which version you think is best, Mark Hamill's interpretation of The Joker is often the one comics fans will hear in their heads when reading his lines.
  • Manga / ×××HOLiC Yuuko offers an alternate interpretation for Watanuki's family name:Yuuko: The reading of his name, "Watanuki", comes from the custom of removing the padding from one's kimono on the 1st of April.
  • The sermon for each Mass is supposed to follow the readings, and each reading has an interpretation or meaning decided by the Catholic Church.
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