Investigate and Sound


Investigate verb - To search through or into.
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Synonyms for Investigate

Sound is a synonym for investigate. In some cases you can use "Sound" instead a verb "Investigate".


Sound verb - To continue or be repeated in a series of reflected sound waves.

Investigate is a synonym for sound in activity topic. Sometimes you can use "Investigate" instead a verb "Sound", if it concerns topics such as examine, measure.

Common collocations

call investigate call sound call
stuff investigate stuff sound stuff

Both words in one sentence

  • Reckless Gun Usage Sound of the Sky: When sent to investigate another part of the base for a ghost (It Makes Sense in Context, sorta), Kanata and Kureha showed bad gun safety.
  • Curiosity Killed the Cast But the most obvious idiocy belongs to Cheryl in the first one, who hears a sound and goes out into the woods at night alone to investigate...
  • Pip from Sequential Art is rather Genre Savvy on what happens when you go up into the attic to investigate a strange sound.
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