Invisible and Noticeable


Invisible adjective - Not readily seen or noticed.
Usage example: the stitches are invisible, so the mended skirt looks as good as new

Noticeable is an antonym for invisible in visible topic.

Nearby Words: invisibly, invisibility


Noticeable adjective - Likely to attract attention.

Invisible is an antonym for noticeable in topics: conspicuous, slight.

Nearby Words: notice, noticeably, noticed, noticing

Both words in one sentence

  • The original games at least had "invisible" items be marked by a noticeable bulge on the seabed, but in the remakes the items are completely invisible.
  • Things like pistols and shotguns, whose bullets are invisible and normally seem to "instant hit" actually take a noticeable amount of time to reach the target... But are still invisible.
  • Manga / I'm Here! Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Though her Played for Laughs narration has nothing to do with her parents, Hikage explains that she had always been invisible or least not noticeable since she was a child, and then she tried to stop a car from hitting a cat; a biker hit her instead.
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