Issue and Occasion


Issue noun - A condition or occurrence traceable to a cause.
Usage example: one of the issues of the Civil War was a resolution to the question of states' rights

Occasion is an antonym for issue.

Nearby Words: issued, issuing, issuance, issuer


Occasion noun - Someone or something responsible for a result.
Usage example: the missing money proved to be the occasion of much strife between the two brothers

Issue is an antonym for occasion.

Nearby Words: occasional, occasionally, occasioned, occasioning, occasionalism

How words are described

special special issue special occasion
particular particular issue particular occasion
similar similar issue similar occasion
specific specific issue specific occasion
Other adjectives: regular, single, serious, little, infamous, social, important, famous, possible, later, last, different, recent, earlier, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • The series has included multiple roll call sheets in one issue, a full-page excerpt from an essay, and has had a post-issue prose story on more than one occasion.
  • Each one represent a side of the issue in your party and will remind you at every occasion how the Templar/mages are evil.
  • Horror Hunger It's generally not an issue because his partner Dagger naturally generates an excess of the stuff, but on one occasion when she'd abandoned him he came near to killing several innocent people.
    Source: Horror Hunger
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