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Jargon noun – The special terms or expressions of a particular group or field.
Talk and jargon are semantically related In some cases you can use "Talk" instead a noun "Jargon".
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Talk noun – A usually formal discourse delivered to an audience.
Jargon and talk are semantically related in speech topic. Sometimes you can use "Jargon" instead a noun "Talk", if it concerns topics such as communication with language.
Nearby Words: talking, talkative, talker, talkie
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fancy fancy jargon fancy talk
special special jargon special talk
long long jargon long talk
honest honest jargon honest talk
Other adjectives: new, different, technical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Darth Wiki / TV Tropes Ruined Your Life TV Tropes makes me talk in such jargon that my family can't understand me anymore.
  • Literature / Generation Kill Wright compiled these articles into Generation Kill, which was later made into a seven-part miniseries by David Simon on HBO.Marines will talk like Marines, complete with lots of jargon and realism.
  • Series / Asfour Bilingual Bonus: Watching the gang talk in their special Jerusalem jargon tends to make one feel that way.
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