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Job noun – An assignment at which one regularly works for pay.
Usage example: a high-paying job as a banker

Office is a synonym for job in position topic. In some cases you can use "Office" instead a noun "Job", when it comes to topics like task, work, duty, employment. dated substitute
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Office noun – A job in an organization.
Job is a synonym for office in business topic. You can use "Job" instead a noun "Office", if it concerns topics such as work, duty, position, post. popular alternative
Nearby Words: official, officer
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How words are described

old old job old office
nice nice job nice office
best best job best office
better better job better office
Other adjectives: regular, current, original, poor, actual, entire, real, big, main, new, next, cushy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / The Bedfellows One-Hour Work Week: Sheen's job at the post office doesn't come up after the first episode, and we don't even find out if Fatigue has a job until episode 29.
  • A similar term, applied more to the office itself than the person being "promoted" to it, is "sinecure", for a job that involves little or no actual work.
  • Tom Smykowski, in Office Space has a job whose duties seem so light and so nebulous that even he can barely describe his job in terms that make it sound like he does any actual work.
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