Joy and Pleasure


Joy noun - A feeling or state of well-being and contentment.
Usage example: the inexpressible joy that the couple are feeling upon the birth of their first child

Pleasure is a synonym for joy in delight topic. In some cases you can use "Pleasure" instead the word "Joy" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like feeling, happiness, cheer, contentment. popular alternative

Nearby Words: joyful, joyous, joyless, joyfully, joyously


Pleasure noun - The feeling experienced when one's wishes are met.
Usage example: nothing gives me more pleasure than a hot meal after a long day

Joy is a synonym for pleasure in happiness topic. You can use "Joy" instead the word "Pleasure" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as delight, feeling, cheer, contentment. popular alternative

How words are described

pure pure joy pure pleasure
particular particular joy particular pleasure
certain certain joy certain pleasure
endless endless joy endless pleasure
Other adjectives: true, genuine, sheer, obvious, active, real, extreme, great, perverse, sick, personal, malicious, eternal, immense, greater, greatest, sadistic, orgasmic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Kotomine is unable to find any joy or pleasure in anything good, and can only find satisfaction or happiness in the suffering of others.
    Source: Fatal Flaw
  • The bassline to "Head Like A Hole" by Nine Inch Nails or the beat to "Closer" is so awesome, it makes my ears weep with joy and pleasure.
  • Their society places a high value on joy and pleasure (especially sexual pleasure), and is widely considered a "party planet." Most invaders to Zeltros quickly found themselves partying with the natives instead of conquering the place.
    Source: The Empath
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