Joyful and Jovial


Joyful adjective - Experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight.
Usage example: the news of the child's safe return made us all joyful

Jovial is a synonym for joyful in happy topic. In some cases you can use "Jovial" instead an adjective "Joyful", when it comes to topics like character trait, cheerful, delighted, blithe. popular alternative

Nearby Words: joy, joyless, joyfully, joyed


Jovial adjective - Indicative of or marked by high spirits or good humor.
Usage example: the trip to the amusement park put everyone in a jovial mood

Joyful is a synonym for jovial in happy topic. You can use "Joyful" instead an adjective "Jovial", if it concerns topics such as character trait, cheerful, smiling, blithe. popular alternative

Nearby Words: joviality, jovially
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