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Juice noun – Active strength of body or mind.
Oil and juice are semantically related. in plant topic. In some cases you can use "Oil" instead a noun "Juice", when it comes to topics like liquid.
Nearby Words: juiced, juicy, juicer, juicing
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Oil noun – A picture created with oil paint.
Juice and oil are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Juice" instead a noun "Oil".
Nearby Words: oily, oiled, oiler, oiling
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How words are described

fresh fresh juice fresh oil
special special juice special oil
alien alien juice alien oil
synthetic synthetic juice synthetic oil
Other adjectives: raw, potent, little, novel, magic, holy, extra, strange, imported, red, burnt, olive.

Both words in one sentence

  • It turns most potions into water, but turns a few specific ones into fruit juice instead (as does the unicorn horn) and doesn't change booze, juice, or oil at all.
  • Alien Blood Cyborgs have black oil instead of blood, Blaze has molten lava, Noob Saibot has black... wraith juice and Cyber Sub-Zero bleeds a light blue combination of oil and antifreeze.
    Source: Alien Blood
  • Comic Book / Astérix Getafix explained that during their quest, he conducted experiments and found that beetroot juice perfectly replaces rock oil.
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