Keep and Neglect


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Keep noun – The act or activity of keeping something in an existing and usually satisfactory condition.
Usage example: the keep of the stable is mainly left to the two equine-loving daughters

Neglect is an antonym for keep in topics: hold, commemorate, tend, prevent.
Nearby Words: keeping, keeper
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Neglect verb – To miss the opportunity or obligation.
Usage example: conveniently, the job applicant neglected to mention his criminal record

Keep is an antonym for neglect.
Nearby Words: neglected, negligent, negligence, neglectful, neglecting
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Similar words of keep
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Similar words of neglect
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How words are described

human human keep human neglect
clear clear keep clear neglect
complete complete keep complete neglect
harsh harsh keep harsh neglect
Other adjectives: extreme, criminal.

Common collocations

children keep children neglect children
family keep family neglect family
rest keep rest neglect rest
fact keep fact neglect fact
Other nouns: game, child, anyone, enemy, daughter, kids.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Maleficent She takes an active role in defending the Moors and is the one who actually cares for Aurora, although at first it's just to keep the pixies from killing her through air-headed neglect.
  • Squishy Wizard This is discussed early on, when some mercenaries mention that most mages neglect to keep their bodies in shape while they study magic.
  • Video Game / Shinobi It forces its host to slaughter enemies constantly to keep it fed, and will drain their soul if they neglect to satisfy it.
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