Keep and Sack


Keep verb - To mark with an appropriate practice, rite, or ceremony.

Sack is an antonym for keep.

Nearby Words: keeping, keeper


Sack verb - To let go from office, service, or employment.
Usage example: he was sacked for showing up late once too often

Keep is an antonym for sack in remove from position of responsibility topic.

Nearby Words: sacked, sacking, sackful

How words are described

human human keep human sack
old old keep old sack
full full keep full sack
regular regular keep regular sack
Other adjectives: single, small, big, huge, black, extra, worst, creepy.

Common collocations

peace keep peace sack peace
characters keep characters sack characters
city keep city sack city

Both words in one sentence

  • Reality Changing Miniature He also has wax figures of the king, Jonathan, the Provost, Alanna, and Sir Myles in a black sack to "keep them in the dark" about his plans.
  • Western Animation / Donald Duck Keep in mind that the disguise consisted of nothing more than a sack of flour, a feather duster, and a glove that wouldn't stay on his head for very long.
  • Flip it like this, flip it like that, I can keep it up for days, I'm a Sack aristocrat!
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