Killjoy and Sourpuss


Killjoy noun - A person who spoils the pleasure of others.
Usage example: his perpetually negative attitude made him a real killjoy when others were trying to have fun

Sourpuss is a synonym for killjoy in spoil-sport topic. In some cases you can use "Sourpuss" instead a noun "Killjoy". popular alternative


Sourpuss noun - An irritable and complaining person.
Usage example: that old sourpuss must spend all his time making sure no one traipses across his lawn
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Synonyms for Sourpuss

Killjoy is a synonym for sourpuss in grouch topic. You can use "Killjoy" instead a noun "Sourpuss", if it concerns topics such as spoil-sport. popular alternative

How words are described

old old killjoy old sourpuss
sour sour killjoy sour sourpuss
grim grim killjoy grim sourpuss
angry angry killjoy angry sourpuss
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