Kindred and Tribe


Kindred noun - A group of persons who come from the same ancestor.
Usage example: the kingdom's royal kindred actually numbers in the thousands

Tribe is a synonym for kindred in family topic. In some cases you can use "Tribe" instead a noun "Kindred", when it comes to topics like people, kin, clan, blood relative. popular alternative


Tribe noun - A group of persons who come from the same ancestor.
Usage example: the wedding joined the two tribes together
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Kindred is a synonym for tribe in family topic. You can use "Kindred" instead a noun "Tribe", if it concerns topics such as people, kin, clan. popular alternative

Nearby Words: tribal, tribesman, tribalism

How words are described

human human kindred human tribe
powerful powerful kindred powerful tribe
ancient ancient kindred ancient tribe
local local kindred local tribe

Both words in one sentence

  • Everything's Better with Monkeys More interestingly, the Krootox were once a normal kroot Kindred ("tribe") that used the kroot ability to absorb genes from food to bulk up, eventually becoming non-sentient and stuck in that form.
  • LEGO Genetics Kroot chieftains, called Shapers, use their knowledge of Kroot genetics to pick out creatures with the most desirable traits for their kindred to eat, in order for their tribe to grow strong and conquer their foes.
    Source: LEGO Genetics
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