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Kingdom noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: a studio head who was once the undisputed ruler of the kingdom of Hollywood

Realm is a synonym for kingdom in domain topic. In some cases you can use "Realm" instead a noun "Kingdom", when it comes to topics like people, nature, country, reign. popular alternative
Nearby Words: king, kingship
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Realm noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: medieval history is really Professor Clinton's realm, so I'll let her answer your question

Kingdom is a synonym for realm in people topic. You can use "Kingdom" instead a noun "Realm", if it concerns topics such as nature, reign, monarchy, kingship. popular alternative
Nearby Word: reality
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How words are described

human human kingdom human realm
full full kingdom full realm
perfect perfect kingdom perfect realm
separate separate kingdom separate realm
Other adjectives: original, dead, medieval, empty, small, entire, subterranean, hellish, personal, ancient, former, hidden, underground, mysterious, mystical, mythical, fictional, different, magical, eponymous, underwater.

Both words in one sentence

  • Realm focuses around a medieval kingdom setting and two people, Wendell and Vincent and their guild.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent When you are exiled to the underground realm, you're informed that one of the enemies that threatens the subterranean kingdom is this race of lizard-people, making it seem like the trope is in effect.
  • Videogame / Awakening Parental Abandonment: In order to save their people from Dreadmyre, the King and Queen of the human kingdom literally packed up all of their subjects and moved them to a realm in the sky - leaving behind their only child.
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