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Kingly adjective – Fit for or worthy of a royal ruler.
Usage example: a kingly gift of 50 million dollars to his old alma mater

Royal is a synonym for kingly in majestic topic. In some cases you can use "Royal" instead the word "Kingly" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like position, regal. popular alternative
Nearby Words: king, kingship
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Royal adjective – Fit for or worthy of a royal ruler.
Usage example: the school superintendent received a royal welcome

Kingly is a synonym for royal in regal topic. You can use "Kingly" instead an adjective "Royal", if it concerns topics such as position, majestic, monarchical. popular alternative
Nearby Words: royalty, royalist, royally
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Things that words describes

name kingly name royal name
title kingly title royal title
father kingly father royal father
cape kingly cape royal cape
Other nouns: duties, robes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / .hack//G.U. AIDA Victorian, however, draws its names from more royal or kingly-sounding words, such as Elegant Orb or Excellent Ray.
  • Useful Notes / Edward The First He was named after England's royal saint, Edward the Confessor who was then thought to be The Paragon of kingly perfection.
  • Literature / Six-Gun Snow White But considering Sarah means princess and the royal status of the characters in the original fairy tale, it fits that a girl is renamed princess to marry a "kingly" fellow.
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