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Lady noun – An adult female human being.
Usage example: “ladies and gentlemen, please observe closely,” said the magician

Woman is a synonym for lady in dialect topic. In some cases you can use "Woman" instead the word "Lady" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like people, dowager, widow, old woman. popular alternative
Nearby Words: lade, lad, ladyship
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Woman noun – An adult female human being.
Usage example: the first woman to become governor of the state

Lady is a synonym for woman in person topic. You can use "Lady" instead the word "Woman" as a noun or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as people, dowager, widow, old woman. dated substitute
Nearby Words: womanhood, womanly, womanish, womanliness
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How words are described

sweet sweet lady sweet woman
human human lady human woman
old old lady old woman
rich rich lady rich woman
Other adjectives: nice, perfect, dead, single, poor, real, little, innocent, young, attractive, pretty, beautiful, hot, naked, mysterious, pregnant, random, older, sexy, elderly, middle-aged, blonde, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tragically, the old woman tries to tell him the truth when she learns he's been trying to bring her back to life all these years, but he refuses to believe her; his true love was a beautiful young woman, not some ugly old lady.
  • Anime / Turn A Gundam People are frozen and un-frozen in shifts, meaning that children can physically age more than their parents, such as when a little old lady refers to a young woman as "Mama".
  • Modest Royalty When Dunk first enters her courtyard, he assumes that an older, better-dressed woman is the lady, overlooking the young woman in leather practicing archery.
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