Lamentation and Moan


Lamentation noun - A crying out in grief.
Usage example: there was a great lamentation on Wall Street when the government's latest unemployment figures were published

Moan is a synonym for lamentation in sound topic. In some cases you can use "Moan" instead a noun "Lamentation", when it comes to topics like wail, sorrow, grief, weeping. popular alternative

Nearby Words: lament, lamentable, lamenting, lamented


Moan noun - A long low sound indicating pain or grief.
Usage example: she uttered an agonized moan and clutched her stomach

Lamentation is a synonym for moan in groan topic. You can use "Lamentation" instead a noun "Moan", if it concerns topics such as sound, wail. popular alternative

Nearby Words: moaned, moaning, moaner
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