Land and Region


Land noun - A broad geographical area.
Usage example: the land to the west was said to have incredibly rich soil and plentiful water

Region is a synonym for land in country topic. In some cases you can use "Region" instead a noun "Land", when it comes to topics like nature, place, expanse, territory. popular alternative

Nearby Words: landing, landed, landholder, landless


Region noun - A broad geographical area.
Usage example: corn is mostly grown in the central regions of the country
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Synonyms for Region

Land is a synonym for region in area topic. You can use "Land" instead a noun "Region", if it concerns topics such as territory, confines, country. popular alternative

Nearby Words: regional, regionalism, regionally

How words are described

full full land full region
faraway faraway land faraway region
native native land native region
medieval medieval land medieval region
Other adjectives: small, actual, entire, dry, dangerous, flat, desolate, distant, cold, remote, new, major, fictional, vast, unknown, last, different, surrounding, northern.

Both words in one sentence

  • Green Legend Ran revolves around this for its plot, only instead of a specific region of land, it's also a specific girl with the power to restore the depleted planet back to life.
  • The Great Lakes region was a civilized area (the cities of Greyhawk and Dyvers were expys of Chicago and Milwaukee, respectively), while the western part of the continent was considered a "land that time forgot" full of cavemen, dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures.
  • Series / Green Acres Otherwise, an old book about TV Land (before the actual channel was launched) seemed to place Hooterville somewhere in Ozark region.
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