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Last adjective – Immediately past.
Usage example: last Thursday

Past is a synonym for last. In some cases you can use "Past" instead an adjective "Last".
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Past adjective – Earlier than the present time; no longer current.
Usage example: his youth is past

Last is a synonym for past. Sometimes you can use "Last" instead an adjective "Past".
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How words are described

good good last good past
long long last long past
painful painful last painful past
actual actual last actual past
Other adjectives: distant, criminal.

Things that words describes

series last series past series
couple last couple past couple
episode last episode past episode
season last season past season
Other nouns: time, level, novel, year, minutes, years, week, decade, days, hours, books, months, seasons, episodes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Last of His Kind When Rand integrated with the personality of his past self, he started thinking of himself as the last male Aes Sedai.
  • Last of His Kind Roland Deschain of The Dark Tower series is the last gunslinger, representing a past that most people remember only from stories.
  • The Byzantine Empire - henceforth refered to as Basileia ton Romaion, "Kingdom of the Romans" - the last remnant of the glorious Roman Empire of the age past, is on its last legs.
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