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Lavish adjective – Showing obvious signs of wealth and comfort.
Usage example: the lavish apartment even boasted a marble bathroom with gold-plated fixtures

Rich is a synonym for lavish in cost topic. In some cases you can use "Rich" instead an adjective "Lavish", when it comes to topics like expensive, sumptuous, opulent.
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Rich adjective – Suggestive of or characterized by great expense.
Usage example: a rich display

Lavish is a synonym for rich in costly topic. You can use "Lavish" instead an adjective "Rich", if it concerns topics such as cost, expensive, abundant, plentiful.
Nearby Words: richness, riches, richly, Richie
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Things that words describes

life lavish life rich life
family lavish family rich family
house lavish house rich house
background lavish background rich background
Other nouns: lifestyle.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Legend of Galactic Heroes Being condemned as a bastard and not worthy of being born since you've had a sense of self is brutal, no matter how rich and lavish his surroundings were.
  • Visual Novel / Steins;Gate It's not necessarily big, but it's a lavish living space on the top floor of an expensive building that reveals just how rich Faris is.
  • Rich Idiot with No Day Job: Gabriel Cross, known for his extremely lavish parties.
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