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Lax adjective – Not bound by rigid standards.
Usage example: the guidelines for the essay contest were fairly lax, permitting a wide variety of topics

Strict is an antonym for lax in slack topic.
Nearby Word: laxly
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Strict adjective – Given to exacting standards of discipline and self-restraint.
Usage example: that piano teacher is notoriously strict, but students make great strides under her tutelage

Lax is an antonym for strict in severe topic.
Nearby Words: strictly, strictness
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Things that words describes

approach lax approach strict approach
system lax system strict system
parents lax parents strict parents
continuity lax continuity strict continuity
Other nouns: example, stance, discipline, schedule, requirements, version, policy, definition, interpretation, rules, morals, regulations, measures, standards, restrictions, laws, policies, procedures.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Halo: Glasslands While Halsey was very strict when it came to genetic profiles for the Spartan IIs, Spartan-IIIs had comparatively more lax screening thanks to improved augmentations.
  • Creator / Mamoru Oshii While this does provide for a more lax workplace (compared to the reportedly very strict Studio Ghibli) it can also result in some of his works being less-polished than some of his contemporaries.
  • The rules are lax for the most part and allow a free playing environment although they're strict enough to prevent god-moding.The world of tGA has seen many grand events unfold, most recently a worldwide catastrophe caused by a mysterious beast, the Godslayer.
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