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Leak verb – Tell anonymously.
Usage example: The news were leaked to the paper

Reveal is a synonym for leak in disclose topic. In some cases you can use "Reveal" instead a verb "Leak", when it comes to topics like seep.
Nearby Words: leakage, leaked, leaking, leaky, leaker
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Reveal verb – To make known (as information previously kept secret).
Usage example: at the end of the book, the detective reveals the identity of the mysterious stranger

Leak is a synonym for reveal in divulge topic. You can use "Leak" instead a verb "Reveal", if it concerns topics such as disclose, make known.
Nearby Words: revealed, revealing
Synonyms for Reveal

Common collocations

power leak power reveal power
number leak number reveal number
fact leak fact reveal fact
location leak location reveal location
Other nouns: story, information, code, magic, secrets, powers, identities.

Both words in one sentence

  • The reveal shown could have been what was always planned, but many fans speculate that this trope was invoked as a result of the spoiler leak.
    Source: Asspull
  • Shortly after Meta Knight's reveal on the Smash 4 roster, a leak broke, prematurely spoiling future info about the game.
  • Series / Golden Boy Walter did leak the story to the press but it was to a different reporter who did not reveal her source.
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